El Otro Fútbol / The Other Football


The other football is not just a documentary about football. Is living in the flesh a world signed by dispossession and oblivion, but embrases any brave who is willing to explore it. Improvisation, sacrifice, situations that seem to come from a story, amazing places, characters hard to find in other area, passion and the certainty of having a privilege that you can not find in Professional Argentine Leagues or in European footballand: knowing there is always a wonderful story to tell.
Roteiro/Script: Andres Suárez
Montagem/Editing: Federico Peretti
Produção/Production: Fernando Prieto
Produtora/Production Company: EOF Films, Casa Kiev
Som/Sound: Fernando Iguacel and Martin Sosa
Trilha Musical/Music: Julián Gуmez

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El Otro Fútbol / The Other Football
Doc, 94 min, cor, HD, Argentina, 2012
Dir. Federico Peretti